Abdi: If Kurds don’t get support, ISIS could grow stronger

Abdi: If Kurds don’t get support, ISIS could grow stronger

Αμπντί- Εάν δεν δοθεί υποστήριξη στους Κούρδους, το ISIS μπορεί να ξαναγίνει ισχυρό

Abdi: If Kurds don't get support, ISIS could grow stronger

The Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mazloum Abdi, said the Kurds managed to cooperate with the region's components and defeat the terrorist ISIS mercenaries, but the world abandoned them, and this will help ISIS gangs to grow stronger.

This came in Abdi's talk to Swedish State Radio (Sr), as he criticized the countries that remain silent on developments in northeast Syria, do not bear responsibility about reconstructing the region after ISIS defeat, stressing at the same time that Kurds must be provided support.

Abdi explained that the regions of north and east Syria are being attacked by Turkey and the mercenary factions loyal to it, and that the Kurds feel that the world has abandoned them to confront these attacks.

He added that the region is subject to systematic attacks stronger than the ones it was subject to during the period of ISIS control. ISIS terrorism was a common problem for all countries, and the most dangerous thing is to fight ISIS extremist ideology.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces indicated that their forces were able to achieve victory over ISIS militarily and in order to fight the extremist ideology spread by the mercenaries, there are arduous tasks ahead of us, adding that 16 centers specialized in ridding the children of ISIS extremists of the extremist ideology that they acquired from their families will be established.

Abdi underlined the need to open new centers to shelter ISIS families, noting that the Autonomous Administration do not have the resources and experts needed for this. He warned that if the people's needs for work, social services, electricity and water are not met, ISIS gangs can grow stronger again."

The Swedish State Radio noted that 53-year-old Abdi is a General who defeated ISIS gangs and that ISIS gangs suffered a huge defeat in Kobanê, Abdi's hometown, and that this was a turning point for Kobanê's liberation.