SDF General Commander: We hope Biden to Correct Trump’ Mistakes

SDF General Commander: We hope Biden to Correct Trump’ Mistakes

Διοικητής του SDF: Ελπίζουμε ότι ο Μπάιντεν θα διορθώσει τα λάθη του Τραμπ

SDF General Commander: We hope Biden to Correct Trump’ Mistakes

SDF General Commander Mazloum Al-Abdi, on Thursday expressed hope that the new US President Joe Biden would "correct the mistakes" of former President Donald Trump in dealing with the Kurdish Autonomous Administration issues.

In an interview with Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper, Al-Abdi called on the Biden administration to adopt a "new strategy" for reinforcing the American role in Syria, revealing that his meetings with US-Led Coalition officials showed an intention to expand the Global’ operations against terrorism.

He blamed "The Turkish occupation of Ras al-Ain and Tal Abyad (northeastern Syria)” for revival of ISIS, (...) which is trying to expand its occupation east of the Euphrates.”

On the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), Al-Abdi confirmed “PKK is a brother Kurdish party (...) but we are not one organization. We (SDF) are empowered to make independent decisions, .. we follow clear strategy to work only in the Syrian arena. But we believe Abdullah Ocalan’ (PKK leader) ideology and project of the democratic nation. "

Regarding negotiations with Damascus, Al-Abdi considered "the mentality of the Syrian regime that seeks to delay the Country to before 2011 through its attempt to inflame Arab-Kurdish discord” as a main obstacle to open a serious dialogue which “we seek to it."

“SDF maintains balance east of the Euphrates through our dealings with all parties,.. Russia is coordinating with us about their deployment and establishing bases, patrols and military centers."

In response to a question, Al-Abdi expressed readiness to participate in any joint Syrian military body that "preserves our privacy,” if it is not of a religious or sectarian background, and not subordinated to foreign parties.

Regarding initiatives to rebuild the Kurdish house (unify the Kurdish parties), Al-Abdi said, "dialogue was the best way forward, the most important issue is we restored confidence between the parties. We have also completed the political memo, which is the basis for any agreement,” stressing that other issues will be discussed in the coming rounds of dialogue, which will be launched soon. "