LNA: Turkey will not withdraw from Libya through negotiations or mediation

LNA: Turkey will not withdraw from Libya through negotiations or mediation

Η Τουρκία δεν θα αποσυρθεί από τη Λιβύη ούτε με διαπραγματεύσεις ούτε με διαμεσολάβηση

LNA: Turkey will not withdraw from Libya through negotiations or mediation

In Libya, the official spokesperson of the Libyan National Army led by Khalifa Haftar criticised the Turkish state for not withdrawing from Libya, either through negotiation or mediation.

Ahmed Al-Mismari, Official Spokesperson of the Libyan National Army (LNA), pointed out that the Turkish state is trying to secure the al-Watiya base which is completely under its control.

Al-Mismari stated that the Turkish state has reinforced its forces at al-Watiya base for this purpose and emphasized that Ankara will not withdraw from Libya either through negotiations or mediation.

He noted that a Turkish military ship entered the port of al-Khums on January 4 and left after a few hours, and that there is a Turkish military activity in both al-Watiya and Misrata bases.

According to Al-Mismari who recalled a statement made within the framework of the 5 + 5 Committee with the Tripoli-based government, the military prosecutor said in a statement that the ceasefire provisions were implemented.

The LNA Spokesperson noted that there are attempts to reproduce and export oil and that efforts are being made also to reopen air travel to the west, east and south. According to this statement, the transfer of the detainees has also started.

After the comprehensive attack of Haftar's forces on the capital Tripoli in 2019, Turkey had shipped a large number of weapons and mercenaries to Libya in order to support Tripoli-based National Unity Government which has links to Muslim Brotherhood.

Turkey, as a NATO member, violated the UN Security Council's arms embargo in a clear manner. The presence of Turkey in the region is a serious concern in countries from the region and internationally.

A ceasefire agreement was signed in October in the UN- facilitated negotiations on Libya. An agreement was also reached to hold general elections in December 2021. However, both sides have difficulty agreeing on who will be the rulers of the transition process.


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