Yazidis in Armenia condemn the attacks on Shengal

Yazidis in Armenia condemn the attacks on Shengal

Οι Γεζίντι στην Αρμενία καταδικάζουν τις επιθέσεις στο Σενγκάλ

Yazidis in Armenia condemn the attacks on Shengal

The Yazidis in Oktoberian city of Armenia condemned the attacks on Shengal and appealed to the KDP, "Hostility to Yazidis will not bring you anything, neither to Kurdistan".

Many Yazidis gathered in the Araksi village of Oktoberyan district in Armenia to protest the oppression toward Shengal. The press statement was read out by the Kurdistan Committee member and Oktoberian People's Assembly representative Milo Kalashyan.

"We, as Yazidis of Armenia, condemn the schemes against Shengal and the Erbil-Baghdad agreement supported by the Western powers and Turkey," Kalashyan said.

Hatred against Yazidis will not get you anywhere

Kalasyan appealed to the KDP: “Neither you nor Kurdistan will gain anything. A possible attack on Shengal would serve the enemies of the Kurdish people and the fascist state of Turkey in particular. Again, we ask all parties and patriotic circles to do their best to prevent this possible attack, which would mean the 75th massacre. We also call on the Western powers, the regional states and the KDP to respect the freedoms of the Yazidi society”.

The press release ended with the slogan "Biji Shengal".


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