A villager has been injured in a drone attack by the Turkish state in the autonomous region of North and East Syria. It was the fifth drone strike by Turkey in Rojava since Wednesday.

A villager was slightly injured in a Turkish drone attack in the west of Manbij on Friday. The man was on an olive plantation in the village of Boxazê (Al-Boghaz) when he was injured by the attack. He was taken to a local hospital with minor wounds.According to reports, his life is not in danger.

Turkish drone activity and attacks have become part of everyday life for many inhabitants of the autonomous region of North and East Syria. Turkish aircraft repeatedly attacks, kills or injures civilians and military and political personnel of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES). The international community is ignoring Turkey’s drone war in Rojava, which violates international law.

It was only on Thursday evening that a Turkish drone bombed a car near Amûdê, injuring two people, and killing one. Two vehicles in the canton of Qamishlo were also targeted by drones on Wednesday, and a civilian service facility was also attacked. Two people were killed and five others were injured in the attacks.


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