208 citizens, including 24 women and a child, have been abducted in Afrin since the beginning of 2023. During the same period of time, at least 13 people, including 3 women, were killed.


The so-called Military Police, a paramilitary criminal network established by the Turkish state in the northern Syrian region of Afrin which it occupied in 2018, continue committing crimes against the local population.

According to reports from the ground, the Military Police kidnapped a civilian in the Ashrafiyah neighborhood. The victim was identified as Mistefa Henan Mihemed (44) from the village of Sharqiya in Bilbile district.

On 2 September, Turkish-backed mercenaries kidnapped a 25-year-old Eli Nebo Osman from the village of Dêr Siwan in Afrin’s Shera district. While the Kurdish youngster was taken to an undisclosed location, the mercenaries asked for a ransom of 10 thousand dollars from his family to release him.

At least 208 people kidnapped from January to July

According to the Afrin-Syria Human Rights Organization, the Turkish state and its mercenaries kidnapped 62 citizens, 6 of whom were women, in August and raped one of those women.

208 citizens, including 24 women and a child, were abducted between January and July.

During the same period of time, at least 13 people, including 3 women, were killed. More than 16,000 trees were cut down, over a thousand trees were uprooted and over 70 hectares of land were burned.

Changing the demographic structure and the construction of colonial houses in occupied Afrin continue with the financial support of Turkish, Gulf and Palestinian organizations. The invading Turkish state built nearly 30 colonial houses with the support and financing of Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan) associations such as Eyadî El Beyda, Kuwêt El Rehme and Binyan El Qatari.

Dozens of children casualties in 8 months

On the other hand, 15 children were killed and 16 others injured in explosions in the regions of Afrin and Shehba in the first 8 months of the year.

Four children were raped, nine were arrested, one child was killed and six others injured as a result of torture and sexual assaults, eight children were kidnapped, including a baby, and six children were killed in attacks.


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