As a result of the attacks by the Turkish state on the city of Amûdê, hundreds of schools were left without electricity and water. People’s Municipality meets the water needs of the people with tankers.

As a result of the attacks carried out by the Turkish state between 13 and 15 January, electricity facilities and oil and gas stations in many towns and districts of Jazira Canton and Ain Issa, Tirbespiyê, Dêrik and Rimêlan districts were put out of service.

Amûdê is one of the cities affected. Tiwêz People’s Municipality is trying to alleviate the problems caused by the lack of water and electricity. Technical personnel go to the villages early in the morning and distribute water to houses to meet the needs of the citizens.

Municipality executive member Ehmed Mihemed told ANHA that this solution is urgent but temporary and added: “The water necessary for the 33 villages linked to the city is being distributed by three tankers. We work day and night to meet the water needs of citizens.”

As a result of the electricity cuts during the attacks carried out by the Turkish state against the rural areas of Amûdê, 24 wells serving water to some 200 villages have been put out of service.

‘Simple living needs cannot be provided’

A citizen named Mİhemed Ebduselam Hemîd from the village of Um El Rebî said: “We are trying to provide water for 500 families in the village. Due to these inhumane attacks, the simplest vital needs cannot be provided in our village.”

‘No water in schools’

As a result of the attacks, schools suffered great damage. According to the data of the Jazira Canton Education Council, 1,022 schools do not have access to electricity and water.

Hisên Mihemed, executive member of the Primary School in the village of Um El Rebî, said that the conditions there were good before the attacks, but now, after the attacks, 300 students in the school were left without water.

Due to the attacks, water and electricity outages occurred in 46 schools. Hisên Mihemed underlined that the municipality provides water to the school despite the many difficulties.


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