The Turkish state continues its attacks against southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) where it has increased its military activities in recent days.

According to RojNews, Turkish warplanes bombarded Mount Metîna in Amadiya district of Duhok around 11.00 local time today.

Reports say that a large-scale fire broke out in the area due to the bombing and Kurdistan Region civil defence teams have not yet intervened to extinguish the fire.

While the occupying Turkish state has increased its attacks on Mount Metîna in recent days, it deployed a large number of troops, heavy weapons and armoured vehicles to the villages in the region. Many villages were evacuated due to the attacks. Baghdad and Hewlêr (Erbil) remain silent in the face of Turkish occupation.

According to RojNews, further fires are threatening the villages of Guherzê and Sergelê, which are also located in the east of Amadiya. In Guherzê, volunteers have been trying to extinguish the flames since the fire broke out on Sunday. The fire in Sergelê is said to have been raging since Friday. As the authorities are refusing to take action, no information is available on the extent of the damage or possible casualties.

Turkey has massively expanded its occupation operation in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq in recent weeks and is preparing its long-announced “summer offensive” against the Kurdish guerrillas. Massive troop concentrations have been taking place for days. Troops are being increased and tanks are being deployed in and around Amadiya in particular.


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