Turkish warplanes bombed several villages in Iraqi Kurdistan’s Amadiya (Amediyê) district on 16 January, claiming to target PKK bases. However, evidence suggests civilian homes were hit, displacing villagers who are now unable to return.

Turkish warplanes targeted several villages in the Amadiya (Amediyê) district of Iraqi Kurdistan on 16 January, causing extensive damage to civilian homes and displacing residents, new reports revealed.

Despite the Turkish government’s official statement that the strikes were aimed at Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) bases, according to the Firat news agency (ANF) evidence on the ground suggests that the bombed areas consisted of houses and barns belonging to the villagers.

As Turkish military operations against the PKK continue across the border in northern Iraq, Turkish forces are reported to have targeted a farm and a health clinic in the region on 25-26 January. Alongside the air assaults, Turkey has reportedly deployed ground forces including tanks and artillery, raising concerns about the safety of civilians caught up in the conflict.