20 March 2024 marks the 30th anniversary of the assassination of Theofilos Georgiades, a common hero of Cyprus and Kurdistan.

The Observatory for the trial of Kenan Agias has released a statement on the 30th anniversary of the assassination of Theofilos Georgiades.

The statement recalled that “it was Sunday evening, 30 years ago, when Theophilos, a member of the Solidarity Committee in Kurdistan, was returning to his home in Thoukidiou Street in Aglantzia. He was holding an issue of the magazine Voice of Kurdistan in his hands when he was shot dead by five bullets fired by hired assassins of the Turkish secret services. He had managed to deliver an article on the Kurdish festival of Newroz, which was published on the morning of 20 March 1994.”

The statement continued: “The assassins of Theophilus did not achieve their aim, namely to silence the voices calling for a common struggle of Kurds and Cypriots against Turkish occupation, fascism and imperialism. Theofilos Georgiades himself had left strong legacies for an alliance that would liberate Cyprus and Kurdistan.”

The Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan was shocked by the assassination of his friend Theophilus Georgiades, and wrote in a telegram a few days after the assassination: “Theophilus fought with all means against colonialism and colonialists, considered the atrocity of the Turkish state against our people as an attack against his own people as well and fought it with all his might. He won great respect and sympathy, he entered the hearts of our people because of his invaluable support for our struggle. That is why we say that Theophilus is our good comrade. He is one of our martyrs and a bridge between peoples. He holds an important place in our history. We will do whatever it takes to honour his memory. I express my sincere condolences to the family of the martyr and to the Cypriot people. We will continue to fight against the Turkish regime.”

Who is Kenan Ayas


The extradition of the Kurdish fighter Kenan Ayas to Germany, following the first instance decision by the District Court of Larnaca (19 April 2023) and the rejection of the appeal by the Supreme Court (16 May 2023), gave rise to the need for the creation of an Observatory to monitor the judicial proceedings against him in Germany, specifically in Hamburg. An observatory is particularly necessary as after the extradition of Kenan Ayas and the extremely difficult conditions of his detention, there is a deliberate silencing on behalf of the Republic of Cyprus and the media, as well as an indifference and acceptance of his extradition by civil society and the majority of political parties and MPs.

The Observatory for the trial of Kenan Ayas undertakes to inform the Cypriot society about what is happening and what will happen in Hamburg, recalling the assurances given by the Cypriot state regarding the terms of the Larnaca District Court: The non-consecutive extradition of the Kurdish fighter to Turkey and the serving of his sentence, if convicted, in Cyprus. The Observatory will record everything concerning Kenan Ayas and will make its utmost effort to prevent indifference and cover-up of this political persecution.


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