Afrin Liberation Forces continue their actions in the occupied zone. Three soldiers and 20 mercenaries were killed in more than a dozen actions carried out by the HRE.


The Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE) claimed responsibility for an extensive series of actions against the Turkish army and its Islamist auxiliary forces in the occupied zone of northern Syria. At least twenty jihadists and three soldiers were killed, according to a statement issued by the Kurdish resistance group on Friday. Twelve other military personnel and 22 mercenaries were injured in the actions.

The series of actions took place between 17 October and 19 November, according to the HRE. The actions were carried out in various areas around the cities of Mare and Al-Bab as well as in the Afrin region. In its statement, HRE lists a total of sixteen actions, five of which were carried out by sniper units. The resistance group carried out four “special operations” against occupying forces.

According to the statement, the HRE also targeted bases of the Turkish army and its proxy troops again. Two raids were carried out on the base in the village of Enabke in the Shera district to the east of Afrin. The base between the villages of Kîmar and Berad, around fifteen kilometres south of Afrin city in the occupied part of Sherawa, was also the target of an action, as were the Hizwan and Dağlıbaş bases near Al-Bab.

In its statement, HRE announced that it would continue its retaliatory actions against the Turkish occupying power in northern Syria. The HRE was founded in 2018 after the occupation of Afrin and is fighting for the liberation of the region.


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