“We will turn this year’s Newroz into a global support calling for freedom for Öcalan and a solution to the Kurdish question,” said the Democratic Society Movement in North-East Syria, calling on people to participate in celebrations.

The Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) made a statement on the occasion of Newroz, Kurdish New Year, on March 21.

Stating that Newroz is the legacy of resistance and solidarity of the struggling peoples TEV-DEM said, “The fire of victory lit by Kawa the Blacksmith represents the end of dictatorship and slavery.”

Noting that Newroz has been celebrated for thousands of years, TEV-DEM added, “Leader Abdullah Öcalan has developed the real and historical nature of Newroz.”

“In this spirit, we will turn this year’s Newroz into a strong global support calling for the physical freedom of Leader Abdullah Öcalan and a solution to the Kurdish question,” TEV-DEM said, adding, “We will also insist on continuing to protect our historical gains this Newroz.”

The statement added: “The states that occupied Kurdistan, especially the invading Turkish state, of course try to destroy the values of Newroz and apply the dirtiest policies. But they could not achieve their goals. In this Newroz, we will raise the level of resistance and struggle, and in the spirit of Newroz, the symbol of peace, we will disrupt the plans of the oppressors as before.

We celebrate Newroz once again. We believe that our people and all the peoples of North and East Syria will participate in the Newroz celebrations strongly and in a manner befitting the great resistance of Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

We call on all components of North and East Syria to visit our martyrs’ cemeteries, light candles and decorate the squares and entrances of the cities on the night of Newroz.”


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