DEM Party Group Deputy Chair Sezai Temelli said, “The isolation imposed on Mr Öcalan in İmralı Prison for 25 years is the biggest torture unprecedented in the world.”

DEM Party Group Deputy Chair Sezai Temelli made evaluations on the agenda at a press conference held in the Parliament.

Highlights from Temelli’s speech are as follows:

“As you know, 26 June marks the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture. Unfortunately, there is still torture in Turkey. There is torture, especially in prisons. There are very serious violations of rights in prisons. We know very well that no steps have been taken in this regard, and no improvements have been made. Although we have repeatedly raised this issue in our meetings with the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry has turned a deaf ear. There is torture in prisons. There are sick prisoners and elderly prisoners. The existing practices against them amount to torture.

The main source of these torture practices in Turkey is undoubtedly isolation. The isolation imposed on Mr Öcalan in İmralı Prison for 25 years is the greatest torture unprecedented in the world. This torture continues. When we tell the Ministry of Justice that isolation continues, they say there is no isolation. However, we have been facing absolute isolation for 40 months. There is a complete lack of communication. Not even a single piece of news can be received. Our concerns about his health are increasing. Therefore, torture exists in this country and the way to end torture is through İmralı.

I would like to make another call for the rally to be held by the Forces of Labour and Democracy in Kartal, Istanbul at 19:00 on 29 June. I invite all our people, all democratic, leftist and socialist sections to meet at this rally, to be side by side and to ensure that a strong voice rises from Kartal. Yes, as long as you do not speak out against the trustees, you are actually a partner in this coup. Today, very large sections of Turkey are taking a stand against the trustee system, against the appointment of a trustee in Hakkari and are showing strong solidarity with us on this issue.

Fire is at the top of our agenda. The fire that broke out in an area of approximately 35 thousand hectares between Diyarbakır and Mardin caused a huge disaster. We lost 15 people. I once again wish God’s mercy on them. I offer my condolences to their relatives. 74 people were injured. I wish them a speedy recovery. These losses are very painful, but the picture that has emerged reflects a much graver situation.

Many animals have perished. There are 20 thousand ovines and a thousand cattle in the region. Therefore, we are facing a grave situation both economically and socially. We stated that the region should be declared a disaster area, and that steps should be taken to deal with this situation. What explanation did the government give? The government continues to lie, stating that this fire occurred as a result of stubble burning. While it is obvious that this is not the case, they still insist on this lie. They have been standing for 22 years with this method: Lie, lie bigger and lie bigger, so that lies become truth.

According to the reports of experts, fire brigades, NGOs and platforms, the sole cause of the fire is the electricity transmission lines.

Erdoğan tried to cover up DEDAŞ’s crimes, but the reality is clear.”


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