An operation in camp al-Hol, northern Syria, initiated by Kurdish-led security forces as a response to the security threat posed by ISIS operatives in the camp, has come to an end, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced on Tuesday.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have officially declared the completion of Operation Humanity and Security 3 in al-Hol camp, which began on 27 January with the support of the Global Coalition Forces, aimed at dismantling Islamic State (ISIS) cells attempting to reorganise within the camp.

The operation was initiated as a response to the security threat posed by ISIS operatives in the camp.

The SDF stated on Tuesday that the comprehensive operation resulted in the capture of 85 ISIS operatives and collaborators, along with the confiscation of a significant cache of weapons, ammunition, and explosives. This included eight AK-47 rifles, four land mines, seven explosive belts, seven hand grenades, 25 detonators, an RPG shell, and a quantity of military supplies and narcotics. Five tunnels used by the ISIS militants were also demolished.

A key victory in the operation was the elimination of a senior ISIS figure, Abu Sufian Al-Lahibi, responsible for planning violent acts inside and outside the camp, according to the statement. Another notable achievement was the liberation of a Yazidi woman, Kovan Eido Khurto, abducted by ISIS a decade ago.

Despite the successes, the SDF highlighted persistent extremist ideology within the camp, particularly among the youth, posing a threat to future security. The capture of the so-called ‘Primary Legislator in al-Hol Camp’, Abu Abdul-Hameed, nevertheless marked a significant step in combating the spread of extremist doctrine.

The operation has brought attention to the lack of international support and insufficient commitment from non-governmental organisations, which have failed to provide necessary resources to alleviate the suffering of the camp’s inhabitants. The SDF has emphasised the importance of repatriating ISIS families to their countries of origin to eliminate the terrorist ideology of ISIS and ensure the safety of al-Hol camp, Syria, and the global community.

In their statement, the SDF paid tribute to Al-Ahmad, Yamin Shaddad, Muhammad Al-Sa’ed, and Abdul Salam Al-Ahmad, the three fighters killed in a drone attack by the Turkish forces during their mission in the camp.

The Syrian Kurdish forces concluded their statement with a vow to continue security operations and campaigns as necessary to achieve an enduring defeat of ISIS.