The SDF Press Center said that Turkish attacks agains Northern and Eastern Syria will not go unanswered.

The Turkish state has increased its attacks on Northern and Eastern Syria in the last two days. Eight people were killed and 13 people were injured in the attacks carried out by the Turkish state, which targeted civilian settlements, service buildings and infrastructure.

Talking about the attacks of the Turkish state, Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Press Center spokesperson, Ferhad Şami, said: “Nothing happened to our fighters during the attacks. Taking advantage of the silence of international forces, Russia and the International Coalition, the invading Turkish state is bombing civilian settlements and their surroundings. The occupying Turkish state wants to cause chaos in the region by targeting civilians. Turkey is attempting to export its internal crisis abroad and create a false victory by terrorizing civilians and directly targeting them in an apparent war crime in front of the international community.”

Şami added: “The International Coalition needs to clarify its position. These attacks affect our joint operations against ISIS and our efforts to ensure stability in the region. The SDF will protect the people of the region against the attacks with the same will as it protects them from ISIS. We will not remain silent against the attacks. This attacks are against the components of the region and the Middle East. Because the occupation is a burden on the entire Middle East. The people of Kurdistan and Europe should speak out against these attacks, because only the voice of the people can defeat them.”


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