ISIS women in the Hol camp continue poisoning children’s minds with extremist ideologies, said the SDF.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Press Centre issued a statement to warn about the danger of ISIS women in Hol camp.

The statement said: “ISIS women in Hol camp continue poisoning children’s minds with extremist ideologies. Now, children are becoming more radicalized, showing the aptitude to engage in criminal acts in light of the failure of their countries to repatriate them and the indifference of the international community to this dangerous issue. The Autonomous Administration and the Syrian Democratic Forces bear the burden alone without genuine support.”

The statement added: “To combat extremism and apprehend those involved, we have launched the third phase of Operation Humanity and Security in the al-Hol camp, which aims to capture ISIS cells and eliminate the terrorist environment that helps in the reactivation of ISIS.

The exploitation of children by ISIS is a despicable act. The world, which has turned its back on this issue, should not wait for the new generation of extremists to emerge but should instead review its plans without delay.”


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