Residents of Ain Issa reiterate they won’t leave their land

Residents of Ain Issa reiterate they won’t leave their land

Οι κάτοικοι του Αΐν Ισά δεν πρόκειται να εγκαταλείψουν τη γη τους

Residents of Ain Issa reiterate they won't leave their land

While the attacks on Ain Issa continue, the people there reiterated that they will not leave their lands and protested the Turkish and Russian states as well as the Damascus regime.

Attacks continue in Ain Issa with bombings of civilian settlements, damage caused by howitzers and mortars. In addition, there is the problem of the unexploded devices. Two children lost their lives and two were injured when an object they approached exploded. On Saturday night a mortar hit the settlements again.

One of the residents said: "A mortar has reached our settlement. There are so many civilians and children. There are no military personnel here. We are all civilians. This is our country, our land. Where will we go in this winter, in the cold? Why did Russia come here, what is it doing here?"

The resident added: “Has Russia come here to force us to emigrate or to betray us? Supposedly it came to protect these places, but this is not the case. In the morning clashes, the bullets reached us. We and our children cannot go out. It is all because of the alliance of the Russians."

If we die, we die on our land

Another resident mother said: "What does Erdogan want from us? These places are our homeland. We will not leave here. No matter how much they attack, we will not leave our country. We paid such a high price already. We are ready to pay an even higher one. If we die, we will die on our land. The presence of the Russians doesn’t help. They are making alliances on our lands. We spilled our blood on these lands, we won’t leave our lands. Our children can neither go to schools nor can we continue our lives in a healthy way. The Russian and the regime should get out of here. The Russians are also making alliances with the Turks. I am a mother, I gave my three children, if necessary I will give them again. I am a woman, we will never leave this land, the prices we have paid has given us this legacy and we won’t leave. If necessary, I will take up arms."