Addressing the living reality in NE,Syria; From coexistence and true democracy, through the model of AANES derived from the democratic nation project of leader Abdullah Ocalan, to increasing demands for his physical freedom, due to its certainty that the people can manage themselves independently, away from the established global system.

Reasons for the increasing demand for physical freedom of leader Ocalan

North and East Syria in particular are witnessing various daily activities demanding the physical freedom of leader Abdullah Ocalan, and their scope is expanding day after day, at a time when the percentage of demands in the same context is increasing around the world, and this was demonstrated by the global campaign “Freedom for Abdullah Ocalan, the political solution to the Kurdish issue, the last of which was launched on October 10 last year.

During its first month, the “Freedom for Abdullah Ocalan, the political solution to the Kurdish issue” campaign spread to 31 countries and 105 centers on 6 continents, and was joined by thousands of well-known figures. It was launched at the beginning from 74 centers around the world simultaneously.

Politicians from NE, Syria recount the reasons for the increase in activities demanding the physical freedom of leader Abdullah Ocalan in northern and eastern Syria, and the increase in the percentage of demands for his freedom worldwide, for several reasons, most notably the correctness of his ideas, which became clear as he lives today in the Autonomous Administration areas in Syria.

Member of the General Council of the Democratic Union Party in Manbij and its countryside, Mahmoud Jammo, said about this: “We are following the thought of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, the thought of the democratic nation, which had a noticeable impact in the Middle East. The components in North and East Syria have sympathized with the leader’s philosophy in forming AANES. This is the thought that gave us politicians the moral motivation to escalate our struggle to join the campaign demanding his physical freedom.”

He added, “The echo of this campaign spread widely locally and globally, as the majority of the world’s peoples joined in solidarity with the leader’s thought, which is based on ensuring the rights and freedom of the peoples of the world in the face of authoritarian regimes and capitalist modernity.”

Today, the politician Mahmoud Jammo sees in the physical freedom of leader Abdullah Ocalan the freedom and salvation of peoples from injustice.

For her part, the co-chair of the Modernity and Democracy Party in Manbij, Bissan Fadil, explained the joining of female politicians to the global campaign, saying: “In solidarity with the global campaign because leader Abdullah Ocalan is a symbol of democracy, and a thinker who calls for the brotherhood and freedom of peoples, and because he struggles against capitalism and injustice.” It opposes colonial countries so that peoples can gain their freedom and democracy and participatory life can prevail, as has become clear in the brotherhood formed between the components of NE, Syria.”

The administrator in the Future Syria Party Relations Office, Fahd Al-Shalash, attributed the increased demand for leader Abdullah Ocalan’s physical freedom to what his ideas achieved, applied on the ground in northern and eastern Syria, pointing to the autonomous administration derived from Leader Abdullah Ocalan’s “Democratic Nation” project.

He said about this: “The successful experience of the Autonomous Administration is what prompted the demand for the freedom of the leader, because they were convinced that the thought of the leader Abdullah Ocalan is the path to the freedom of the people of NE, Syria and the entire world.”

Al-Shalash added: “We politicians stand in solidarity with the campaign, and we will continue to follow the leader’s thought because he is the reason for the success of self-administration and because he is the owner of the project of the democratic nation and the brotherhood of peoples, and because he inspires the people to deliver them from systems of injustice and colonialism.”

The global campaign “Freedom for Abdullah Ocalan, the political solution to the Kurdish issue” continues in the continents of Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, North America, and Oceania, as dozens of institutions joined it and extended to 31 countries around the world, including; Nigeria, Bangladesh, Japan, Philippines, Myanmar, Kenya, South Africa, Swaziland, Germany, Britain, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Australia, Austria, Argentina, Spain/Basque/ Catalonia, Slovenia, Cyprus, Greece, Colombia, Ecuador, and East Timor, in addition to thousands of institutions and personalities from all over Kurdistan.


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