Activists in Sydney protested against the attacks of the occupying Turkish state against Rojava and the international silence against the massacre of the Kurds.

Kurds and their friends took to the streets in Sydney to protest against the Turkish state’s genocidal attacks on Rojava and other parts of Kurdistan.

Speeches at the demonstration condemned the Turkish army’s attacks on the civilian population and living spaces in Rojava, Shengal (Sinjar) and southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

Timur Tatvan, Co-Chair of the Democratic Kurdish Community Center (DKTM), stated that the Turkish army, which was defeated and failed against the guerrilla, is trying to take revenge by barbarically attacking the civilian population and living spaces in Rojava, Shengal and South Kurdistan.

Tatvan said, “Schools, hospitals, factories, dams and power plants have been bombed for days. The genocidal fascist Turkish state is committing crimes against humanity in front of the eyes of the world. As a people, we cannot remain silent against this atrocity. We will protect our gains created with the blood of thousands of martyrs.”

Peter Boyle, editor of the Green Left newspaper and spokesperson of the Committee for Solidarity with Rojava, condemned Turkey’s attacks against Rojava and emphasized that civilian settlements in Rojava were bombed by the Turkish state at a time when the attention of the whole world was focused on Gaza and Israel.

“The world’s silence in the face of these atrocities is unacceptable. The Turkish state is massacring Kurds everywhere. The people of Rojava are being bombed and slaughtered every day, all sources of life are being destroyed by air strikes. Progressive humanity needs to take action to put an end to this brutality as soon as possible.”

Brûsk Aeiveri, on behalf of DKTM, condemned the international community for remaining silent against the genocidal attacks in Rojava and said, “Rojava airspace must be closed to the Turkish state immediately. Defending Rojava against the terrorist attacks of the Turkish state, which is the patron of ISIS, is to defend humanity.”

The protest action ended with the slogans “Bijî Berxwedana Rojava” (Long Live the Resistance of Rojava), “Terrorist Turkey”, “Turkey, get out of Kurdistan!”, “End the Kurdish Massacre” and songs of resistance.


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