Politicians reacting to the threat against the Bremen Kurdish Community Center asked for joint action against fascist and racist attacks.

On 21 February, cartridges bearing a swastika were discovered in the letterbox of the Democratic Kurdish Community Center (DKTM) Brati in Bremen. The association’s premises in Bremen’s Neustadt district are under constant surveillance by the police.

A press conference was held in the community centre with the participation of Kon-Med co-chair Ruken Akça, Fed-Dem co-chair Sebahat Ergin, Bremen DKTM co-chair Xezal Yalçın, Bremen state parliament deputy speaker Cindi Tuncel, die Linke MP Muhlis Kocaağa.

Ergin: Kurds do not feel safe

Fed-Dem co-chair Sebahat Ergin underlined the increasing racist attacks and threats in the last few years and said: “We are exposed to racism and fascism. Nearly three million Kurds live in Germany, but we do not have a place where we feel safe. That’s why we’re here today. Listen to us Kurds too.”

Yalçin: Racist attacks against us are ignored

Bremen DKTM co-chair Xezal Yalçın criticized the German press for ignoring the bullet threat. Yalçın said: “We would like to see German journalists here today. Our association is legal, our children learn their own language and culture here. However, we see that the German press ignores the racist attacks against us.”

Ruken Akça: Kurds are sad for the attack

KON-MED co-chair Ruken Akça stated that Kurds are involved in working life in Germany and expressed that the Kurdish community is sad for this attack. Akça said: “The Kurdish community, who came to Germany for political or economic reasons, wants to live peacefully, equally and brotherly in Germany. Kurds are a part of Germany’s multicultural structure. Today, the Kurdish people are very sad that they have been exposed to such a threat.”

Tuncel: We should all react together

Bremen State Parliament Deputy Speaker Cindi Tuncel said that there should be a common response against racist attacks and added: “Not only Kurds come to our association, people from everywhere come. We all took to the streets against the racist meeting that took place in Potsdam in November. We stood against racism.”

Kocaağa: Let’s not forget Paris

Die Linke Bremen State MP Muhlis Kocaağa reminded everyone of the attacks in Paris and called on everyone to be vigilant. Kocaağa said: “In 2013, there was an attack on the Kurdish association in Paris. In 2022, there was a massacre against Kurds in Paris again. It happened in Hanau in 2019.”


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