20 young people who have just joined the guerrilla ranks in response to the genocidal policies of the Turkish state and completed their training, called for the expansion of the freedom struggle against the exploitation of Kurdistan.

20 Kurdish youngsters, who have joined the guerrilla ranks recently and completed their training, appealed to the Kurdish people, youth and public opinion.

In their statement, the new guerrillas said that as patriotic youth of Kurdistan, they joined the guerrilla ranks to respond to all kinds of genocidal policies of the occupying Turkish state, as well as to practically greet the 46th anniversary of the PKK.

Emphasising that the occupation can only be ended through a strong struggle, the guerrillas said: “Our participation in the struggle against the lies of the Turkish state’s special war is a stance that every Kurdish youth should take as an example. Occupation can only be ended through a strong struggle in the guerrilla ranks. Therefore, we call upon all young girls and boys of Kurdistan to come here and join the guerrilla ranks. Together we will physically liberate our Leader and save our country and our people from oppression. Because Kurdistan is a colony, a military colony, the liberation of Kurdistan is only possible through the military struggle within the ranks of the PKK. The leadership and responsibility for this undoubtedly belongs to the young girls and boys of Kurdistan before anyone else. They also know very well that every participation in the guerrilla ranks is a blow against the bloodshedder enemy. Let us all expand the war for freedom and succeed.”


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