Muslim: Turkish state seeks to eliminate Kurdish people

Muslim: Turkish state seeks to eliminate Kurdish people

Muslim: Το τουρκικό καθεστώς επιδιώκει την εξόντωση του Κουρδικού λαού

Muslim: Turkish state seeks to eliminate Kurdish people

Salih Muslim said that the attacks of the Turkish occupation state will fuel the civil war, and that this war is targeting the Kurdish people.

Member of the Diplomatic Relations Body of the Democratic Union Party, Salih Muslim, spoke to Hawar News Agency about the political genocide campaign by the Turkish authorities against the parliamentarians of the HDP, activists and women's organizations.

Muslim noted that the Turkish state seeks to destroy the Kurdish people and democracy.

Muslim said that the Turkish state established its authoritarian regime based on the fascist mentality, adding: “Today all mafia gangs are at the helm of power in Turkey. Today, the greatest force leading the vanguard of the struggle for democracy is the HDP. Therefore, the authorities do not stop targeting this party at every opportunity.

The aim of these attacks is the elimination of democracy and the Kurdish people, as many parliamentarians of the HDP are already in prisons without trial; this is against the laws. The Turkish state continues to implement its plan to exterminate the Kurdish people. Killing and occupation, arrests, torture, burning and demolishing of villages, as well as the continuous attacks on southern Kurdistan and Rojava. The Turkish state does not hesitate to attack when and where the opportunity arises.

They could not bear the idea of the victory of the Kobane resistance.

Muslim noted that the Kobane resistance has turned into a dilemma for the Turkish occupation, and he is unable to bear the idea of the victory of that resistance, and said in this regard: “This matter confirms the extent of the impact that the victory of the Kobane resistance had on Turkey, this resistance that resulted in the defeat of ISIS mercenaries, What ISIS has not been able to achieve, the Turkish state is now completing it. The matter is not limited to the Kobane resistance only, but the Turkish state is now working on striking people who showed their support for the resistance, those who supported the Kobane resistance showed honorable positions, and this political annihilation campaign indicates the nature and exposure of the relationship between ISIS and the Turkish state, and confirms that ISIS has not yet left Turkey, as ISIS mercenaries receive training in camps of Turkey to use these mercenaries to intervene wherever it desires.

Political extermination campaign means 'reviving ISIS'

Muslim touched on the global support and rallying around the Kobane resistance, and said in this regard: “During the Resistance, we appealed to the peoples of the world to raise their voice against these brutal attacks, and the first of November was declared a day for Kobane Resistence, which confirmed the time to circumvent and global support for this resistance. During that period, we also mentioned that even if ISIS is eliminated, those who support ISIS and other mercenary groups pose a great danger, and they must also be fought, and if they are not fought, ISIS will come to life again. This is what we see on the ground today, The campaign of annihilation that continues today includes the message that 'We will revive ISIS' and as long as the parties that support ISIS, use it and finance it are not addressed. The threat of ISIS will not disappear from the world, and therefore we call on the world to work to put an end to the parties that support ISIS and to their head is the Turkish state. "

"Attacks will fuel the civil war."

Based on the data of the current situation in Turkey, Muslim believed that the continuation of these attacks will lead to the collapse of the Turkish state in the future: “These attacks launched by the Turkish state will lead to fueling the civil war. It is possible that the Turkish state will once again advance on bloodletting and the attempt to exterminate the Kurdish people, but this matter will lead to the collapse of the Turkish state, which is in a difficult phase, as it is retreating at the global level, and lost in the Libyan issue and the eastern Mediterranean crisis. Today it has reached a stage where it believes that it should get out of this the crisis by exterminating the Kurdish people.

The Turkish state has reached a state where it will not be able to continue except through bloodshed. This is one of the signs and indications of collapse; it is a dangerous stage, the Kurdish people must be vigilant about that and work to protect their gains, if Turkey succeeds in its plans, this means the elimination of the Kurdish people and democracy in the Middle East. "