A dire humanitarian crisis is unfolding as a result of Turkey’s ongoing military campaign in North and East Syria. The Kurdistan Red Crescent Society, Heyva Sor a Kurdistanê, has launched a campaign to meet the urgent needs of civilians in the region.

The Kurdistan Red Crescent Society, (Heyva Sor a Kurdistanê), has launched a campaign to meet the urgent needs of civilians affected by the recent Turkish attacks in North and East Syria.

Since 5 October, Turkish forces have been repeatedly targeting civilian infrastructure in the region, plunging it into chaos and despair.

The relentless assault by Turkish forces has left a devastating mark on the Kurdish-held regions of Syria, with over 150 targets hit in a matter of days. The consequences of this aggression have been felt acutely by the local population, as nearly 80 percent of the civilian infrastructure has been damaged or completely destroyed. Essential facilities such as water and energy supplies, hospitals, residential areas, schools, oil fields, factories and warehouses have all been heavily impacted.

The toll on human life has been severe, with dozens of civilians dead and injured. Moreover, hundreds of thousands of people now find themselves cut off from essential services like electricity and clean water.

The Corona Hospital in al-Malikiyah (Dêrik), which was a critical healthcare facility in the region, was obliterated by Turkish airstrikes. Numerous other health facilities have suffered a similar fate, compounding the already dire healthcare situation. The disruption of electricity has jeopardised refrigeration facilities, leading to a desperate call for blood donations to save lives.

As Turkey’s offensive continues, the humanitarian crisis deepens, and the death toll keeps climbing. In the midst of this chaos, the Kurdistan Red Crescent has been on the front lines, providing critical humanitarian assistance to those affected.

Donors can contribute to the campaign via PayPal.