The Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) condemned the submission of NATO and Sweden to Erdogan, and their cooperation in the crimes of the Turkish state against the will of the Kurdish people.
The Executive Body of KNK expressed its dissatisfaction with the NATO agreement with Turkey, through a statment published for public opinion.

KNK said: “Accepting the requests of the fascist Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the NATO summit means killing Kurds and displacing them in all of Kurdistan.”

KNK stated: “NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Christerson and Erdogan signed an agreement of seven clauses, before the summit, that did not take into account democratic laws and traditions and international human rights treaties. Turkey exploited once again its NATO membership threatens democratic nations, ensuring consensus around the its dictatorial policies in annihilating the Kurds.

KNK added that many NATO countries thanked the Kurds, the People’s Protection Units YPG, and the Women’s Protection Units YPJ for their role in defeating ISIS mercenaries, and stated: “All NATO member states know tha Turkey established ISIS.”

KNK made the point clear that Erdogan, who targets the People’s Protection Units YPG and the Women’s Protection Units YPJ, continues to fight the Kurds through his proxies from ISIS, and NATO and the coalition linked to democracy, stability and international security must attach importance to this recent history and important regional dynamics.

KNK statement noted that NATO legitimized the Turkish state’s 40-year-old attacks against the Kurds through this agreement,  noting that the Turkish army attacks the Guerrilla forces with ammunition and chemical weapons.

KNK concluded by saying that  Sweden and NATO cahoot with Erdogan’s in commiting the crimes against the Kurds.