Human rights violations against Kurdish civilians and activists in the Kurdish region of Iran continued in November 2023.

In its monthly reports, the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) highlights cases of human rights violations in Kurdistan and violations of the rights of Kurdish civilians in different regions and cities across Iran.

KHRN released a new report including all cases recorded and reported from across Iran through its own sources and verification mechanisms from 1 November to 30 November.

“The restrictive environment for independent human rights organisations in Iran, coupled with the pressures faced by individuals subjected to human rights violations and their families, make it difficult to publish accurate and comprehensive reports,” said KHRN.


According to KHRN’s findings, Iran executed at least 18 prisoners in Karaj, Orumiyeh, Kermanshah, Ardabil and Ilam during the month of November.


At least five women have been killed by their male family members in Gilabgharb and the village of Qazanchi in Kermanshah in the past month.

Kolbars and tradesmen

In November, at least three kolbars, including a 17-year-old child, were shot dead by Iranian border guards, one kolbar died as a result of a fall from the border heights and another died of frostbite in the western border areas of the country.

A total of 102 kolbars were injured during this period. Of these, 98 were shot by border guards, two fell from border heights, one was injured in a landmine explosion and one was beaten.

Among the injured kolbars shot by border guards were one 14-year-old, two 16-year-olds, six 17-year-olds, two 18-year-olds and three 19-year-olds.

Work-related accidents

On 7 November, at least one worker was killed in a work-related accident in the village of Sorkheh Dezaj in Sanandaj.

Detentions and arrests

Throughout November, Iranian forces arrested at least 31 civilians, including five children, eight activists, a rapper and an imam.

At least five of the detained civilians were sent to prisons in Tehran, Ilam, Saqqez and Sanandaj.

Prison sentences

Last month, Iranian courts sentenced at least four people from Sanandaj to prison terms ranging from one year suspended imprisonment to five years in prison.


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