A call to support the marches came from Italian politician Ramon Mantovani, who was on Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan’s Russia-Rome plane during the international conspiracy.

Italian politician Ramon Mantovani was on Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan’s Russia-Rome plane during the international conspiracy in 1998-99.

Mantovani published a video calling on everyone to support the Northern France Long March, which will last 25 days and is on its 7th day today, and the big Cologne rally to be held on 17 February.

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Mantovani said: “My call is to all segments of society with democratic, revolutionary and socialist values. Everyone should play their role to the best of their ability in these historical processes.”

Mantovani added: “I send my most sincere greetings to the marches being held to condemn the 25th anniversary of Leader Öcalan’s unlawful arrest. I believe that Abdullah Öcalan is not only the leader of the Kurdish people. I see him as the leader of all progressives and leftists in the world. At the same time, Leader Öcalan’s philosophy somehow is coming to life in Rojava, and this is very important for all of us.”

Mantovani continued: “Democratic confederalism, criticism of the current state and women’s revolution are very important. These are progressive choices and all leftists in the world need to learn from them. I salute Öcalan with all my heart because I had the honor of knowing him and staying with him during his Italian days. I say with my heart because I feel like a part of the Kurdish people. For me, all Kurds are not only my friends in the struggle, but also my brothers.

I also call for participation in the 17 February 17 rally in Cologne. All women and men who have the people’s desire for freedom in their hearts should join this march or at least help to make it happen. This is my call also to all democratic, progressive and left-wing political parties.”


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