Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) disclose details of an armed assault on the Raqqa Military Council’s office on Wednesday, with two security personnel dead and one civilian injured. Suspicions of ISIS involvement surface.


The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have reported an armed assault, suspected to be carried out by ISIS, on the Raqqa Military Council’s office on Wednesday, resulting in two fatalities and one injury.

The attack comes following a joint operation by the SDF and International Coalition on 23 March, which resulted in the death of ISIS financier Sameer Khudir al-Shihan in Raqqa.

According to the SDF statement, an armed group launched an attack at 12:30 pm on an administrative office of the Raqqa Military Council in the Dariyah neighbourhood, resulting in the deaths of two security personnel and the injury of a civilian.

Following the attack, SDF forces initiated pursuit operations, leading to the apprehension of one suspect. However, the search for the remaining members of the group is ongoing and initial investigations point towards the involvement of ISIS sleeper cells.