The command of the People’s Defence Centre and the PKK congratulated the guerrillas on their revolutionary operation on the anniversary of the founding of the PKK.

In a written statement, the command of the People’s Defence Centre (HSM) congratulated the guerrillas involved in the “Revolutionary Operation” to expel the Turkish army from the western Zap region in the guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

The HSM statement said: “First of all, we would like to congratulate Rêber Apo [Leader Abdullah Öcalan], our patriotic people and you, dear comrades, on the 45th anniversary of the founding of our party, the PKK. We commemorate our beloved martyrs with respect and gratitude. These comrades, from Haki Karer to the youngest martyrs, comrades Andok, Ciwan, Botan and Egîd, are the ones who can truly claim the 45th anniversary epic of the PKK with their work, with their sacrifice. We reaffirm our commitment and promise to our martyrs to pursue their dreams, to lead their goals to victory and to keep their memory alive with the freedom of Rêber Apo and a free Kurdistan.”

The HSM statement continued: “It was very meaningful to welcome the 45th anniversary of the official foundation of our party, the PKK, and the beginning of its 46th year with revolutionary operations of the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla. The victorious spirit of the PKK, which was carried into today with great effort and non-stop struggle, is reflected in the successful actions. On 20 November, the occupying forces of the Turkish army in Zap and Metîna were targeted by the revolutionary operation and a heavy and devastating blow was struck against them. The occupation forces stationed in three different parts of the Girê Amêdîyê Resistance Area in the Western Zap region were attacked in a comprehensive revolutionary operation. It is a very important success that all three places were infiltrated by the revolutionary units, they penetrated into their positions and the operation developed from the first to the last moment under the initiative of the guerrillas. After reaching the enemy with the masterful application of infiltration tactics, a great military feat was achieved, with the guerrillas taking on the enemy with great courage and Apoist spirit of sacrifice, killing 49 occupiers and destroying 21 tents and 12 positions. On the same day, the guerrillas carried out a coordinated raid against the invading forces in the Girê Ortê resistance area in the Metîna region, killing 12 of the occupiers, destroying two positions and a surveillance camera.

The fact that many wings acted simultaneously in the comprehensive revolutionary operation, that they used guerrilla tactics skillfully and in a coordinated manner, and that they overcame all enemy countermeasures, shows the professional level that the guerrilla warfare with highly mobile units has reached. The fact that the unwavering sacrifice of our comrades Rojhat Zîlan and Erdal Şahin, who followed the path of Zîlan with their action in Ankara, has now been demonstrated again in the form of a revolutionary operation in the mountains, is a message. This message is: The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla will continue its struggle tirelessly everywhere in this spirit.”

PKK congratulates the guerrillas

We greet with love and respect all commanders and comrades who have welcomed the anniversary of the founding of our party with such powerful revolutionary operations and actions and who have entered the new party year with a spirit of sacrifice and great determination to fight. We congratulate all those who have contributed to the realization of these successful results, who have personally done pioneering work, participated and worked for success at every stage. In its message to our command, the Executive Committee of the PKK first congratulated all guerrilla forces on the party congress, warmly greeted all commanders and fighters who participated in and worked for these successful revolutionary operations and actions, and expressed the greetings, love and wishes for success of our entire party leadership.

We once again greet all comrades in Zap and Metîna, who have fought with Apoist sacrifice and dealt a heavy blow to the enemy, with the sincerest revolutionary feelings. We believe that they will have even greater successes in the new party and struggle year, and we wish them great victories.”


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