HPG reported that guerrilla areas were again attacked with chemical weapons, banned bombs and warplanes as Turkey continues to commit war crimes in Kurdistan.

The Turkish army is waging a war in the guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) based on the systematic use of chemical weapons, banned bombs and air strikes. In a statement published on Tuesday, the Press Centre of the People’s Defence Forces (HPG) reported a series of such attacks carried out in numerous regions of the Medya Defense Zones between 1 and 4 December.

The majority of the most recent attacks took place in Metîna and Zap. In the resistance area of Girê Çarçel, HPG reported five attacks with explosive-laden drones, which were directed against the guerrilla positions there. The Turkish occupying forces used chemical warfare agents. In addition, the defence positions in Girê Çarçel were bombed twice with unconventional explosive devices.

The Girê Ortê massif was also the target of two attacks with chemical weapons and banned bombs. The guerrilla positions in the Girê FM resistance area were attacked once with banned explosive devices. Eighteen other attacks by drones loaded with explosives targeted the guerrilla positions in Girê Cûdî, which is located on the western front of the Zap region. The area of Şehîd Diyar in Zap region was bombed once by explosive-laden drones.

On the other hand, HPG recorded nine air strikes by fighter jets on 1,2 and 3 December, which were directed against the areas of Deşta Kafya in Gare, Xinêra Jor, Ava Lolanê and Goşînê in Xakurke and Gundê Dergelê in Metîna.  In addition, combat helicopters bombed various targets in the Zap and in Xakurke. At the same time, artillery and tank attacks targeted the western Zap front, Metîna and Xakurke.

In the meantime, the guerrillas are continuing their resistance against Turkish invasion abated. According to the HPG, guerrillas struck the occupying troops in Girê Amêdî twice on 2 and 3 December. One of the actions, in which medium-weight weapons were used, left a position of the Turkish forces damaged. In the other action, guerrillas hit the occupying forces with heavy weapons.


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