HPG: Three Turkish soldiers killed in Heftanin

HPG: Three Turkish soldiers killed in Heftanin

Τρεις Τούρκοι στρατιώτες έχασαν τη ζωή τους στο Χεφτανίν

HPG: Three Turkish soldiers killed in Heftanin

Three soldiers were killed in an HPG assault on the Turkish occupiers in Heftanin. HPG also reported repeated airstrikes on the Medya Defense Zones.

Three soldiers of the Turkish army were killed in an action carried out by guerrillas on Turkish occupation forces in the Heftanin region of southern Kurdistan, northern Iraq.

According to the statement published by the press center of the People's Defense Forces (HPG), the action was carried out on December 22 as part of the "Cenga Heftanînê" guerrilla offensive in the Xantur region. Two attack groups proceeded simultaneously against Turkish Army positions. Two soldiers were killed in an A4 position and another soldier in another position.

Attacks on guerrilla zones

HPG also reported continued air and ground attacks by the Turkish army on Medya Defense Zones:

From December 12 to 20, the Keşan area in Heftanin was heavily bombed with howitzers and mortars.

On December 19, fighter jets bombed Hill Sor in the Avashin region.

On December 20, an airstrike targeted the Werxelê area in the same region.

On December 24, the Basya area in Avashin, the Priz area in Gare, and the Saca, Çemço, and Sida areas in the Zap region were attacked by fighter jets.


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