HPG: Several Turkish soldiers killed during invasion operation in Gare

HPG: Several Turkish soldiers killed during invasion operation in Gare

HPG: Πολλοί Τούρκοι στρατιώτες σκοτώθηκαν κατά την επιχείρηση εισβολής στο Γκάρε

HPG: Several Turkish soldiers killed during invasion operation in Gare

Turkish troops suffered heavy losses during their ongoing operation seeking to invade the area of Gare in Southern Kurdistan, according to a statement published by HPG on the latest situation on the ground.

The press office of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) has released a statement on the Turkish military aggression in the Gare area of the guerrilla held Medya Defense Zones in Southern Kurdistan (Northern Iraq).

As the HPG had previously announced, the Gare operation began Wednesday night with extensive bombardments by the Turkish Air Force. "First clashes occurred in Siyanê area at 5 o'clock on February 10 after the Turkish state heavily bombed several areas in the Garê region and airdropped soldiers amidst helicopter attacks at 3 a.m. Due to the effective bombardment of our forces here, a large number of the occupying forces were killed, while some others sustained injuries. As a result of the losses, invading forces had to withdraw in stages. The battle area and a camp with prisoners of war were intensively bombed by fighter jets. Subsequently, our forces again struck the occupation forces that had gathered in the meantime. The death of several dozen soldiers was recorded. After this heavy blow, the occupying forces were forced to withdraw from the combat area."

At noon on Wednesday, Siyanê was bombed a total of six times by Turkish warplanes. Another aggression by attack helicopters was prevented by the intervention of the guerrillas. Meanwhile, fighting in the area continues unabated. Reconnaissance planes and fighter jets circle non-stop over Gare.

Turkish army airstrikes continued on Thursday. According to the HPG report, the village of Sêdarê was bombed six times. Five air strikes were recorded in the area of Nêranê. The outskirts of the villages of Museleka, Bilindbazê and Şkeftiyan were hit a total of nine times. Since February 11 evening, intense air activity by Sikorsky helicopters has been observed between Akrê and Siyanê and in the Qela Seddam area.

Desperate situation for the Turkish army

"The Turkish occupation army is in a desperate situation due to the heavy strikes of our forces and is using massive war technology. The battlefield is being intensively bombed. Our members confront and frustrate the enemy's technology through their new-age tactics and the unwavering Apoist will of the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla. The enemy fails to achieve a result against the guerrillas and has been inflicted one blow after another."


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