HPG denied Turkish allegations that 19 of their members were killed in air strikes in guerrilla areas, stating that the Turkish state and is once again relying on lies to deceive the public opinion.

The People’s Defense Forces (HPG) rejected the Turkish claim that 19 members of the Kurdish guerrilla forces were killed in airstrikes in the Zap and Garê regions of the guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

The HPG statement on Tuesday said, “The occupying Turkish army claimed in two separate statements on 20 January that we suffered 9 casualties in the Garê region and 10 casualties in the Zap region, where the occupation attacks continue. All our commands were contacted, and it was understood that the occupying Turkish army was completely lying and that these claims were not true. We have not suffered any casualties in the bombardments carried out by the occupying army, about which we provide detailed information below. The occupying army, which has been heavily hit and shaken by the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla with the latest revolutionary operations, is trying to deceive the public opinion with false news and to motivate the fascist mobs. These lies of the occupying Turkish army, which clings to lies because it has fallen into a helpless situation, should not be ignored, “he said.

HPG Press Liaison Centre shared the following information about the latest guerrilla actions and invasion attacks:

“Şehîd Delîl Western Zap region;

On 18 January at 16:20, the invaders in Girê Cûdî Resistance Area were targeted with medium automatic weapons and 1 position was hit.

On 21 January at 08:25, the invaders in Girê Cûdî Resistance Area were targeted with medium automatic weapons and 1 position was hit. This action was carried out by our YJA Star forces.

On 22 January at 10:20, the invaders gathered around a military vehicle in Girê Amediyê Resistance Area were shot with medium automatic weapons and 2 invaders were killed.

Attacks of the occupying Turkish army with banned explosives;

On 17 January, our battle position in the Sîda Resistance Area of Zap was bombed once with banned explosives.

Attacks carried out by the occupying Turkish army;

From 16 January to 23 January, the Turkish army carried out 45 attacks by warplanes, including 14 on the areas of Siyanê, Girê Reşît, Girê Sîser, Zêvkê, Sêdarê in Gare. 9 on the areas of Girê Cûdî, Girê Bahar Resistance, Girê Amediyê in Şehîd Delîl Western Zap region. 17 on the areas of Girê Berbizina, Neqeba Berbizina, Ava Lolanê, Kuça Xecerê, Şehîd Şerîf, Kolît area in Xakurkê region. 4 on the areas of Dergelê, Şêlazê, Serê Metîna in Metîna. 1 on the area of Şehîd Îbrahîm Resistance Area in Zap region.”


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