A Bayraktar TB2 has crashed in the Qandil region in southern Kurdistan. The wreckage of the Turkish combat drone was confiscated by the guerrillas.

An armed drone of Bayraktar TB2 type crashed in the Qandil region in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq). According to guerrilla fighters in the region, the Turkish combat drone lost control on the evening of 14 June and hit the ground in the Girê Savaş area. The debris was collected by the guerrillas. One of the drone parts has the inscription T175 on it.

In a video obtained by ANF, a guerrilla fighter can be seen showing the parts of the destroyed drone. The fighter says that there are always drones in the airspace over the region, but now there is one less.

The Bayraktar TB2 drones are produced by Erdoğan’s son-in-law Selçuk Bayraktar’s company, the Baykar Group, and sold to the Turkish state for a unit price of four million euros. The state-of-the-art weapon was added to the Turkish army’s arsenal in 2014. In a propaganda campaign, a drone was “hand-signed” by Erdoğan himself. The drone was the cause of nationalist propaganda, as the regime propagated that it was a weapon of “national production”. However, large parts of the allegedly home-made drones come from abroad, especially from Germany.


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