Mohammed Mirza Sindi, a former head of the Iraqi Kurdish intelligence organisation Parastin, was killed in a car explosion in Duhok province in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq on Sunday night.


A former high-ranking officer from Iraqi Kurdistan’s intelligence agency was killed in Duhok when the vehicle he was traveling in was engulfed by a explosion on Sunday.

The explosion that killed Colonel Mohammed Mirza Sindi, former head of the Parastin intelligence organisation, occurred in Zakho (Zaxo), a city located in Duhok province, at approximately 9:10 PM local time, but the precise cause behind the incident remains shrouded in uncertainty.

Local law enforcement agencies have refrained from making any official statements until the investigation yields substantial findings. However, initial reports suggests they have not ruled out the possibility of either a drone attack or an improvised explosive device being responsible for the fatal blast.

The Parastin intelligence unit holds a prominent position in the region, being closely affiliated with the ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP).