Turkey is using the contradictions and crisis in the Middle East to eliminate the Kurds. On the one hand, Erdoğan welcomes the Iranian president in Ankara and signs economic and other agreements. On the other hand, he signs Sweden’s accession to NATO.


The Turkish state is mobilising both the US, European countries and powers such as Russia against the Kurds. It is endeavouring to draw the different extremes, those with deep contradictions between them, to its side. In its current state, it is prioritising and concentrating on carrying out the Kurdish genocide. After the May 2023 elections, Erdoğan told Turkish diplomats that they would concentrate on diplomacy, multiply their friends and isolate their enemies. This decision is being acted upon. They are trying to improve their relations with all states, including Greece. They condescend to visit the Arab countries. They closed the book on lording over and showing sticks as in the past. They are also fawning over Arab states in order to get money flowing from them because their economy is bad. They have also increased trade with Israel, established high-level relations and endeavoured to win the support of these circles, including the Jews in the USA.

Turkey developed multifaceted relations with Russia but confronted it after shooting down a plane of theirs. Erdoğan first tried to stand firm, but, putting things at stake, he then started to appease them and make concessions. Russia extracted more concessions from Turkey than ever before. So much so that Erdoğan even bought S-400 missiles from Russia as a bribe. The Turkish state made all these concessions and deepened relations in order to crush the Kurds. Because Russia was in Syria and the way was paved for the Kurds to have a status. There was no possibility to attack and invade Syria without Russia’s approval and support. The same situation was the same for Iran. For this reason, it continued initiatives such as the Astana process. And the Astana process turned into an anti-Kurdish front. In the end, the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria was declared illegitimate in the statement made after those meetings. They agreed to remove the US from Syria. They agreed to weaken the autonomous regions and to seize or disable their energy resources. The Turkish state’s recent air strikes targeting energy resources are linked to these decisions.

Turkey used Sweden’s accession to NATO as a bargaining chip against the Kurds. In the end, Sweden and the NATO countries agreed not to support forces like the YPG and to limit Kurdish activities in Europe. The military embargo on Turkey was lifted. The US agreed to provide F-16 fighter jets and to repair the old ones. They have now approved a $23 billion package. Canada lifted the embargo on the cameras it sold to Turkey for UCAVs and UAVs. Not only Canada, but also Scandinavia and all European countries lifted the arms embargo. These agreements were immediately reflected in the war in Kurdistan. The last two attacks of the Turkish state were total war crimes. They disabled the sources of life in Rojava. Power stations, wheat depots, etc. were hit. Civilians were massacred. But there was no reaction from the US and European countries, nor from Russia. These powers did not see and did not speak. However, they themselves are in Syria and they know well what is happening. The SDF forces that crushed ISIS are being targeted in front of their eyes. They are also opening their airspace to Turkey. The Kurdish people are being torn from their lands and forced to migrate.

The Turkish state is using the contradictions and crisis in the Middle East to eliminate the Kurds. On the one hand, Erdoğan welcomes the Iranian president in Ankara and signs economic and other agreements. On the other hand, he signs Sweden’s accession to NATO. On the one hand, he supports Hamas and rants against Israel. On the other hand, he tries to improve his relations with the Iranian leadership. It is known that Iran and Turkey have deep contradictions. But it needs Iran to crush the PKK and the Kurds because Iran has influence in both Syria and Iraq. Iran is an influential power in the region. This alliance also needs a Kurdish leg. To this end, he has prepared the KDP and is trying to activate Hüda-Par and ENKS. Erdoğan is trying to unite Russia, Iran, the US, Europe and Arab countries against the Kurds and get their support. In this sense, he is trying to build a world coalition against the Kurds.

The Kurdish people, the intellectuals and democratic forces of Syria and Turkey must raise their unity and struggle by knowing these facts. Bloody and dark relations and alliances must be exposed, and the peoples of the world must be enlightened. Turkey has been insisting on this policy of annihilation and denial for a hundred years. As long as there are those who resist and fight, all these plans will be thwarted.



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