ANHA correspondent collected a series of crimes committed by the Turkish occupation, its mercenaries, and settlers in occupied Afrin, within a week, including deportation, completion of a settlement, and kidnapping of residents as they entered and left the Canton.

Within the framework of policies and plans aimed at separating Afrin from Syria and later annexing it to Turkey, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries continue to commit crimes and intimidate the people to empty the Canton of its original population and replace them with residents of other regions.

The Turkish occupation authorities in Istanbul forcibly deported 43 Syrian refugees to the occupied Canton of Afrin, through the Hamam village crossing in the Janders district of the occupied Canton, according to sources from the district.


In the same context of crimes, the Turkish occupation completed the construction of a settlement on which work had begun in early March of this year in the village of Sindyankeh in the Janders district of the occupied Afrin Canton.

According to the source, the settlement includes 50 settlement units, and families of Al-Sharqiya mercenaries hailing from Deir ez-Zor will be settled there.

Kidnapped while returning

According to another source from the occupied Afrin Canton, the “Civil Police” intelligence of the Turkish occupation kidnapped 2 citizens in the occupied city of Azaz while they were heading to occupied Afrin, and demanded 10,000 US dollars from the family of one of them in exchange for his release.

The 2 kidnapped people are: “Jamil Hikmat Jaafar, from the village of Maamlo in Rajo district in Afrin, and Adnan Omar, from the village of Shorba in Mobata district in Afrin,” and their fate is still unknown.

Kidnapping while leaving

The Turkish Gendarmerie also kidnapped 70 citizens who tried to cross the Turkish border to be handed over to its so-called “anti-smuggling” mercenaries in the occupied Afrin Canton, and fined them with sums of money in Turkish lira.

Conditions in exchange for being allowed to live in their home

On the other hand, a source confirmed that a settler from the southern countryside of Aleppo stipulated a financial sum of 1,500 US dollars from a citizen of the occupied Afrin Canton, in exchange for allowing him to live in his house seized by the settler.

The source added that the settler had stolen all the contents of the house, including furniture and tools.