The Armenian Genocide monument in Cologne was removed under pressure from racist organisations affiliated with the Turkish state.

Having been the target of constant attacks for years, the Armenian Genocide monument in Cologne, Germany, was finally removed. While a small number of Armenians live in Cologne, the city has turned into the headquarters of the National Vision organisation affiliated to the Turkish state.

French journalist Guillaume Perrier wrote on his X account: “The city of Cologne is finally dismantling a monument commemorating the Armenian genocide. Cologne has a small Armenian community, but above all a large Turkish community”.

Journalist Perrier added: “This is above all the result of pressure from the Turkish government and concessions from the German right (the CDU used, encouraged and supported the Grey Wolves and Milli Görüs against the influence of the left on Turkish immigrants).”

French senator Valerie Boyer wrote on her X account that “Cologne has bowed to the Turkish National Visionists who impose the denial of the 1915 Armenian genocide”. Boyer said, “This is a direct consequence of Turkish immigration to Germany… It is a harbinger of bitter days in Europe”.

The monument in Cologne symbolising the Armenian genocide, which Turkey does not recognise, has been erected and dismantled several times over the years following protests by Turkish nationalists.

The city had the statue removed, sometimes on the grounds of the construction of a cycle path and sometimes out of fear of “social unrest”.

After a march in late October by Turkish nationalists, including supporters of the racist, far-right “Ülkü Ocakları” and DITIB associations, the city’s final decision was “the monument must be removed”.


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