The People’s Defence Centre (HSM), an armed wing of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), announced that a group called ‘Immortals Battalion’ carried out Sunday’s bombing against the Turkish Interior Ministry. The HSM statement called the attack a warning against the Turkish government’s “isolation policy, chemical weapons and fascist attacks”.

The People’s Defence Centre (HSM), an armed wing of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), has confirmed that a group known as the ‘Immortals Battalion’ was responsible for Sunday’s bombing targeting the Turkish Interior Ministry, the ANF reported.

The attack was described by the HSM as a stark warning against the Turkish government’s policies regarding isolation, alleged chemical weapons usage and what they label as ‘fascist attacks’.

In the statement claiming the responsibility for the attack, the HSM described it as a “sacrifice action” on the reopening day of Parliament. The attack was strategically executed Ankara’s main police headquarters in close proximity to the Parliament building, targeting what they referred to as a “massacre and torture centre.”

The HSM emphasised that while the operation could have resulted in a different outcome had they altered the timing, their primary goal was to convey a message and issue a grave warning.

The HSM also condemned the Turkish government for allegedly denying the losses caused by the attack, accusing it of showing ‘great disrespect to the people and public opinion’. Following the attack, Turkish officials said that two police officers had suffered minor injuries in the incident.

The group stressed that their action was an act of legitimate defense aimed at condemning what they perceive as inhumane practices, isolation policies in detention facilities, the alleged use of chemical weapons against their guerrilla forces, environmental destruction in Kurdish lands, and the perceived oppression of Kurdish people and democratic circles.

The statement concluded with a message, declaring that as long as what they view as crimes by the “genocidal fascist AKP-MHP regime” persist, they will continue to pursue “legitimate actions of revolutionary justice.”