The notables of the Arab clans in NE Syria saw the leader Abdullah Ocalan as a symbol of humanity and a source of pride, so their demands continue to achieve his physical freedom, especially following the recent ban against him.

Leader Abdullah Ocalan has a special place among the oppressed peoples of the Middle East, foremost of which is the people of NE Syria of all its components as his defense of human rights, and his formation and presentation of a democratic and environmental model that safeguards the rights of all, starting from the individual through groups to the peoples communities.

The continued systematic isolation imposed on him by the Turkish authorities in Imrali, and the ban on him meeting with his family and lawyers, under the pretext of what they call “disciplinary penalties”, the last of which was imposed on the 26th of last April, caused great popular discontent.

The notable of the Jabour clan, and the head of the clan council in al-Shadadi, Suleiman al-Darwish, said that the leader has become a symbol for all the people of the Middle East, through his philosophy and his tireless struggle, he is not looking for power, but rather for the liberation of all peoples, and this is what made them call for his freedom.”

He pointed out that the Turkish state, along with the conspirators against the leader Abdullah Ocalan, failed to fight his ideas that clarify the truth absent from the societies that considered him a symbol of humanity, and that Turkey should be well aware of that.

Al-Darwish, stressed that the practices of the Turkish authorities against the leader Abdullah Ocalan are outside the framework of humanity, and said: “That is why everyone in our regions is calling on the leader’s name, including Kurds, Arabs and Syriacs, and we will continue our demands until his release.”

While the notable of the Khawatna clan in al-Hol district Hamid Rajab, who expressed his pride in the presence of the leader Abdullah Ocalan and his ideas, considered the practices of the Turkish authorities in Imrali prison “immoral behavior, against a humane thinker who established a revolution with his thought, and became a role model for all peoples, and we are proud We have a great leader like him.”

Criticizing the inaction of international human rights organizations, he said: “The international forces and human rights organizations must do something in accordance with their principles to end the isolation.”

Since March 25, 2021, no information has been received about the leader who has been detained in Amrali prison in Turkey, for more than 24 years.