Kurdistan Journalists’ Syndicate announced that 128 journalists and press organisations were subjected to rights violations during 2023.

In a press statement at its offices in Hewlêr (Erbil), the Kurdistan Journalists’ Syndicate announced its annual report on violations against journalists in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI).

According to the report, which was read by Nezaket Hussein, Chairperson of the Commission for the Protection of Journalists’ Rights of the Kurdistan Journalists’ Syndicate, 62 violations of rights against 128 journalists and press organisations were recorded in the last year. Nezaket Hussein noted that the data available proved that violations against journalists continue.

Nezaket Hussein stated that out of 128 violations recorded against journalists and media organisations throughout 2023, 14 were detention and arrest of journalists, and 25 were broadcast blocking and discrimination. 11 cases of attacks and insults against journalists and 3 cases of threats were also recorded.

In addition, the report informed of 6 cases of confiscation and breaking of equipment, 2 cases of violence against journalists and 1 raid on a media organisation last year.


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