SDF carried out an operation against the gangs under the command of the Turkish state in Zirgan, killing 4.

In a written statement on Wednesday, the Press Centre of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) reported that an operation was carried out in Zirgan against the gangs affiliated to the occupying Turkish state.

The SDF statement said:

“Within the scope of legitimate defence operations against the attacks of the occupying Turkish state and its gangs, our forces targeted a military vehicle belonging to the gangs of the occupying Turkish state in Til Mihemed village at 14.30 yesterday. While 4 gangs were killed in the action, their vehicles were destroyed.

Before the operation, our forces followed the movements of the gangs preparing to attack the areas and points where our forces were located.

We will respond to all attacks of the occupying Turkish state forces and gangs, and we will act according to international law and legitimate defence rules against all kinds of attacks.”


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