The Afrin Liberation Forces reported that they carried out a series of retaliatory actions in response to the attacks of the Turkish state and killed 20 invaders.

“As the defense force of our people, we do not remain silent in the face of attacks, and we carry out actions of revenge,” said the Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE) in a written statement providing details of their latest actions against the occupation forces.

The HRE statement on Thursday said: “The occupying Turkish state and jihadist DAESH (ISIS) gangs have been carrying out a policy of genocide and massacre against our people since they occupied Afrin. The occupying forces have displaced hundreds of thousands of our people and are constantly attacking our people. The enemy massacres thousands of our people every day, attacks and insults our sacred values. The occupiers and their gangs are carrying out a policy of genocide against the Kurds living in Afrin and its villages, committing crimes against humanity. They kidnap the people living in those regions, trying to silence our people by spreading terror and driving them into fear and panic. With all these practices, the occupiers cut down hundred-year-old olive trees, which are the source of livelihood of our people, and leave our people defenseless by massacring nature.

The occupiers are not only attacking Afrin, but also our people who migrated from Afrin. Along with the attacks of the jihadist gangs, our people who migrated from Aleppo and Shehba are also bombarded by artillery and warplanes. Hundreds of our people lost their lives as a result of these attacks.

Enemy attacks on the living spaces of our people have increased recently. Dozens of our people, including children and women, have been martyred, mainly as a result of airstrikes.

No power speaks out against these massacres and the attacks of the invaders that are perpetrated in front of the eyes of the whole world. We, as the defense force of our people, do not remain silent in the face of attacks, we carry out revenge actions. Within the scope of these activities, our fighters carried out a comprehensive action against the occupying army base in Basilê village of Sherawa district on January 30. Our friends moved on the enemy with great determination and dealt heavy blows to the enemy forces.”

HRE provided the following details about the action: “12 occupying Turkish soldiers and 8 gangs were killed, while 8 soldiers and 17 gangs were wounded. In addition, 1 DShK machine gun, 1 heavy weapon position, 2 surveillance cameras and 18 trenches were destroyed.

5 of our comrades who moved on against the enemy fearlessly and fought heroically fell as martyrs. The identities of our martyred comrades will be shared with the public later.”


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