The 14th Kurdish Film Festival will be held in Hamburg between 22-26 November.

The 14th Kurdish Film Festival will be held in Hamburg between 22-26 November with the slogan “A new country”. 19 Kurdish films from various parts of Kurdistan and the world will be screened.

Rewend Cewad, member of the festival’s organizing committee, said that they received 125 different films (longs, shorts and documentaries) from four parts of Kurdistan and 19 films (6 documentaries, 4 films and 9 short films) were selected.

The festival will start on 22 November at 4pm and will see the participation of North Kurdistan artists Cemile and Hawara.

The pluri-awarded film “Dema Şitil Mezin Dibin”, directed by Rizgar Azad Kaya, has been chosen to open the festival.

Two seminars will be held at the festival. The first seminar on photography in cinema will be given by Rojava artist Luqman Ehmed, and the second seminar on Kurdish language in cinema will be given by writer and translator Kawa Nemir.

Three awards (best feature film, best short film and high committee award) will be given at the festival.

Regarding the importance of the festival, Rewend Cewad said: “Kurdish film festivals are very important for the development of Kurdish art and the introduction of Kurdish people and art to the world. More work needs to be done to promote Kurdish art through Kurdish films and cinema.”


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