​​​​​​​Russian silence towards Turkish attacks widely criticized in northeast Syria

​​​​​​​Russian silence towards Turkish attacks widely criticized in northeast Syria

Η ρωσική σιωπή απέναντι στις τουρκικές επιθέσεις καταδικάζεται στην ΒΑ Συρία

​​​​​​​Russian silence towards Turkish attacks widely criticized in northeast Syria

Observers of developments on the ground in northeast Syria see that "Russia's presence does not to guarantee a ceasefire with the Turkish occupation state,". Many accuse Russia of siding with Turkey at the expense of the Syrian people.

Russian stance towards the recent Turkish attacks in several regions of NES remains the master of the situation, despite nearly two months passed.

Ain Issa district, its villages, the international road, and villages of Tal Tamer district have been under attacks by the mercenary groups of the Turkish occupation army on a daily basis since mid-November 2020.

The observers criticized the Russian silence because the deployment of Russian forces in the region came based on an agreement providing for a ceasefire in the region, and Russia is one of the guarantors of the agreement.

Suleiman Al-Kaishish, co-chair of the Social Affairs Authority in the Euphrates region, says, "The Turkish attacks take place under the eyes of the whole world and the Russian points in the region. More than once, civilians were martyred in the Turkish attacks without a clear stance from the Russian side. "

Al-Kaishish believes that "Russia turns blind eye to the attacks on the region in order to pressure the Autonomous Administration and the Syrian Democratic Forces to make concessions to the Syrian regime, and this will not happen."

As for the vice Co-chair of the occupied Tal Abyad district, Sabri Nebo, he said, "After the escalation of attacks on Ain Issa district, we realized that the Russian state is biased towards the Turkish side. In our point of view, it is no different of the Turkish occupation, if it remained silent about the attacks."

Nebo added, "Russia wants to restore the situation to pre-2011, to protect its interests in the region, specifically in the Mediterranean Sea line. We have not seen any project related to the interests of the Syrian people from the Russian side because it handed over parts from Syria to the Turkish occupation state."

Nebo noted that the Russian presence, protects Russian interests and conclude deals with Turkey without protecting the Syrian people.

He stressed that they do not expect from Russia an action plan to maintain security and stability in their areas.

In conclusion, he said, "The continuation of the conflict in the region is in the interest of Russia to easily seize Syria's resources, as well as gain Turkey as its ally through concluding arms deals with it."