What is awaiting Afghanistan?

What is awaiting Afghanistan?

Τι μέλλει γενέσθαι στο Αφγανιστάν;

What is awaiting Afghanistan?

The Taliban, who fell from power in 2001 with U.S.-NATO intervention, entering the capital Kabul marks the beginning of a new era in Afghanistan, but we must say that this new era is full of uncertainties, which are not limited to the concerns whether the Taliban would go back to the “regime of fear” they formed in 1996.

The real uncertainty revolves around the question which position Afghanistan with the Taliban would take with regard to the hegemony wars between the imperialists and to which outcomes such a position would lead to?

Because Afghanistan which is a transit route between Central Asia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, is an important centre for the struggle of domination led by the U.S.A., China and Russia, in which regional countries such as India, Pakistan and Iran are involved, and in which the Erdoğan government in Turkey has also been trying to take a share. (…..)

One thing can be concluded: The withdrawal agreements signed by the U.S. with the Taliban and with the central government of Iraq shows that the U.S has come to an end of the “preventive war strategy.” We may say that the U.S.A. could not achieve this goal, but we cannot say that the U.S. has lost its hegemony in the region.

The truth of what has been happening in Afghanistan is plain to the eyes of the people of the world once again is: Whenever the imperialists intervened to any country claiming to bring peace, stability, democracy or prosperity, they have made those countries fall into the clutches of conflict, instability, destruction, forced displacement, hunger, poverty and death.

Look at Iraq, Libya and Syria alongside with Afgahnistan, they are all in the wrecks of such imperialist looting and destruction policies.

Then what is awaiting Afghanistan now?

The statements by the Taliban that they are “open to dialogue” issued after they took over Kabul gives a signal about their roadmap. As far as we can see, the Taliban seeks to use the conflicts among the imperialists for its own benefit and give more weight to diplomacy this time in order the legitimise their rule. (…..)

Erdoğan says that Pakistan needs to work for peace and stability in Afghanistan and they are ready to do their part as well. Erdoğan, who recently told in a TV program that he might meet the Taliban leader, now gives a message over Pakistan that reveals his position in the upcoming process. (…..)

It is yet another matter of discussion that the same Erdoğan who says that he could meet with the Taliban leaders for peace in Afghanistan, does not follow the same path when it comes to the Kurdish question in Turkey, which is of key importance to establish peace in Turkey.

Long story short; the Taliban taking the place of the warlords who had been living in gold foiled palaces until yesterday will add yet more destruction to the already devastated situation in Afghanistan and will cause more people to flee.

What is going on today in Afghanistan shows that as long as the people of the region get rid of the imperialists and their regional colloborators, they will not be able to change their dark fate.

Yusuf Karataş