Turkish Gray Wolves to be on terror list by EP

Turkish Gray Wolves to be on terror list by EP

Οι Τούρκοι Γκρίζοι Λύκοι θα συμπεριληφθούν στη λίστα τρομοκρατικών οργανώσεων του Ευρωκοινοβουλίου

Turkish Gray Wolves to be on terror list by EP

The European Parliament is preparing to vote on a report that includes recommendations to include the Turkish Gray Wolves group among terrorist and extremist organizations in Europe.

The German website Deutsche Welle said that the latest report of the European Parliament on Turkey will urge the European Union to add Turkish extremist group "Gray Wolves" to its terrorist list.

In a report prepared by the European Parliament's rapporteur on Turkey, Nacho Sanchez Amor, the highest political body in the European Union called on the bloc to take action against the group, which it says is raising growing concern in Turkey and the European Union countries.

Gray wolves appeared on the Turkish scene when they engaged in direct conflict with the left in the 1970s, and today, the group belongs to the far-right Nationalist Movement Party, the main partner of Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party.

The group has been active and associated with violence in a number of European countries that have had large numbers of Turks for decades.

The extremist movement has been banned in Austria since 2019 and France since last year, while left-wing parties have long called for the group to be banned in Germany.

The German website said that the European Parliament report will highlight the threat posed by the "gray wolves" against the Kurds, Armenians and people of Greek descent, while the report called for close monitoring of their activities.