More than 450 thousand people were left without water as a result of the attacks of the occupying Turkish state on the Qamishlo canton.

The occupying Turkish state continues its attacks on areas in North and East Syria. In 72 hours, the Turkish army carried out airstrikes on 80 centres, most of which are basic life sources and service centres. The new attacks hit power infrastructure, damaging electricity and oil stations already battered by previous raids, injuring 6 civilians. Suwaydiyah gas and electricity station, Odeh, Zarba, Rimelan, and Gir Dahol oil stations, the electricity stations of Qamishlo, Amude, Kobane, Tirbespi and Ain Issa have been the key targets. Turkey carried out 10 airstrikes on Suwaydiyah alone.

The Energy Department of the Cizir Canton of North and East Syria said in a statement on Wednesday that the Turkish state bombed the Suwaydiyah power station and the production system of the Rimêlan Oil Company and the connected areas. As a result of the attack, the power station ended up completely out of service.

Dozens of villages and towns in Qamishlo and its surroundings, such as Dêrik, Girkê Legê, Çilaxa, Til Koçer Koçerat, Tirbespiyê, Til Hemîs and Amûdê were left without electricity after the destructive attack.

Water stations also stopped operating due to the power outage.

According to the statement, 3 water stations and 105 water wells went out of service, including the Hîlaliye, Iwêce and Ceqceq water stations supplying water to 9 thousand houses in Qamishlo, 12 water wells supplying water to 3,500 houses in Dêrik, 14 water wells supplying water to 1,900 houses in Tirbespiyê district, 9 water wells in Keşke town of Girkê Legê, 36 in Çilaxa district, 10 in Til Hemîs district and 24 in Amûdê district.


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