Turkey seeks to create tensions over Montreux and Canal Istanbul, says HDP

Turkey seeks to create tensions over Montreux and Canal Istanbul, says HDP

HDP: Η Τουρκία επιδιώκει να δημιουργήσει εντάσεις για τη Συνθήκη του Μοντρέ

Turkey seeks to create tensions over Montreux and Canal Istanbul, says HDP

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Spokesperson Ebru Günay shared her evalutions on behalf of the HDP on Turkey’s international policies, the recent developments on the attempts to shut down the HDP and the increasing violation of rights in Turkey, Mesopotamia Agency (MA) reports.

At a press conference at HDP headquarters in Ankara, Günay shared her criticisms of the Turkish government regarding the ongoing debates after Sahap Kavcıoğlu was appointed as the fourth governor of Turkey’s Central Bank in less than 20 months. “The ones who were claiming to be inflating the economy of the country destroy the resources of the Central Bank, destroys the economy, steps on the rights and freedoms,” Günay said.

‘There is not a single issue they can accuse the HDP of legally’

Referring to the decision of the Constitutional Court to return the indictment regarding the party closure, ”There is not a single issue that they can legally accuse the HDP of. That’s why they were caught red-handed with the lawsuit they prepared with unfounded allegations. We know that the prosecutors who launched the lawsuit against us did this with an order coming from above. The lawsuit is far from being a serious legal document. In the current process, the Constitutional Court rejected this lawsuit and refused to be a partner of this crime,” the HDP spokesperson said.

‘Our deceased party member was added in the political ban list’

Regarding the jailed MP Ömer Faruk Gergerlioglu, Günay stated that the lawsuits opened against Gergerlioğlu in the past that were concluded with his acquittal or non-prosecution were used as evidence against him.

”Even our party members who lost their lives were added in the political ban list. Gergerlioğlu was targeted because he revealed the naked truth. The government seeks to continue a policy of denial and manipulation to sweep the truths under the carpet,” Günay said.

‘Government seeks to create a new high-tension line’

Regarding the foreign policy of the Turkish government on the Mediterranean and Aegean sea, Günay said, “Over the Montreux Convention and Canal Istanbul Profit Project, the government seeks to create a new high-tension line. What do they say? They say, if Erdoğan wants he can withdraw from Montreux. Montreux reflects the will of 84 million citizens. It is not acceptable to drag the country into the verge of a new war with a single signature of Erdoğan, who does not even reflect upon the diplomatic outcomes of his actions.”

‘Turkey escalates the tension between the US and Russia’

Günay also shared her view that: “It was not enough for them to send their ships to the Mediterranean and Aegean seas, now they are sending their ships to the Marmara and Black Seas.”

Instead of promoting regional peace, Günay observed, “Turkey tries to face off the countries in the region. Turkey escalates the tension between the US and Russia, acts based on its own selfish interests in the Black Sea just like they do in Syria and Libya,” she said.

‘Isolation imposed on Mr. Öcalan is a tactic to rule’

Addressing the increased pressure against prisoners in Turkey, Günay shared the following comments: ”Turkey ranks the top country among the countries with the most numbers of political prisoners. The hunger strike action against the unlawful practices in prisons has entered its 141st day. Isolation is an inhumane practice that has no legal basis. The government uses isolation as part of a governance tactic to rule the country.”

Günay called on Turkish authorities to hear the demands of the hunger striking prisoners. “The isolation imposed on Mr. Abdullah Öcalan has to be ended. Yet they try to play games and organise a phone call with Mr. Öcalan that cannot even be considered a valid phone call. We did not forget the people who died in previous hunger strikes. All lives matter. The ill prisoners should be urgently released and treated in humanitarin conditions. It is such a shame that other prisoners refuse to eat in order for the ill prisoners to be released,” she said.