Three people were injured in a Turkish drone attack in a village in the city of Ranya in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

Three people were injured in a Turkish drone attack in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) on Monday. The target of the attack, carried out by an unmanned combat drone in the morning, was the village of Boskênî in Ranya. The head of the village, Serhed Resul, told the RojNews agency that at least three people were injured. The security authorities have launched an investigation.

According to Resul, the airstrike took place in the centre of the city. One of the victims is said to be a person on foot, while two others were employees of neighbouring shops. The director of the Ranya health department, Farman Ahmad, only spoke of two wounded people who were taken to hospital. Ahmad did not give any details about the severity of their injuries.


The city of Ranya is located around 130 kilometres north-west of the metropolis of Sulaymaniyah. Almost three weeks ago, a drone attack by the Turkish state targeted the vehicle of Mexmûr resident Dilovan Işlek near Ranya. He died in the attack which left three female family members of his injured.

Attacks by Turkey that violate international law have been routine in southern Kurdistan for years. The Turkish air force bombs the territory of the KRI and Iraq on an almost daily basis, especially where guerrillas are suspected. However, civilian settlement areas are also regularly attacked by the Turkish army, including the Yazidi settlement area of Shengal and the Maxmur refugee camp. With its aerial terror, Ankara is pursuing a targeted policy of displacement – in particular by deliberately destroying civilian infrastructure.


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