Prisoners on hunger strike are a source of inspiration for the guerrilla

Prisoners on hunger strike are a source of inspiration for the guerrilla

  • Date: January 14, 2021
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Οι κρατούμενοι που διεξάγουν απεργία πείνας αποτελούν πηγή έμπνευσης για τους αντάρτες

Prisoners on hunger strike are a source of inspiration for the guerrilla

HPG commander Baran Farqîn said that the PKK and PAJK prisoners on hunger strike, give great morale to the people and the guerrilla.

HPG commander Baran Farqîn spoke to ANF about the hunger strike that PKK and PAJK prisoners in Turkish prisons are carrying out since 27 November. The hunger strike is demanding the end of the isolation imposed upon Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan as well as the end of rights violations in prisons.

Commander Farqîn said that the prisoners are leading the struggle for Öcalan's freedom. He added that they launched an initiative and strengthened the struggle despite all the difficult conditions and they give morale to the guerrilla and the people. “This hunger strike is very important and very meaningful. Although there are physical distances between us and our comrades who are resisting in the prisons, there is absolutely no separation or distance in terms of spirit unity in our comradeship. Comradeship has a power which transcends the difference of space and time, making it meaningless. Our loyalty to a free Leader, a free country, to comradeship and to the creation of a free Kurdish and Kurdistan values is what shapes our comradeship.”

Our hearts feel the same emotions; they strive for the same purpose. In this sense, physical separation does not matter much for us.

Commander Farqîn said: “Great victories, the liberation of our people and Kurdistan, of course, require a price. This has been the case for years and the Kurdish people led by the PKK are paying a price by joining the resistance. We so many of our comrades falling martyrs on this road. Our resistance continues unabated. We have come to these days, pay the price, and we will achieve victory. Friends in prison sacrifice themselves and risk falling martyrs in order to keep alive and free. We believe that this resistance will definitely succeed."

Reminding that the Kurdish people's leader is under a great isolation due to his struggle for the peoples of Kurdistan and all oppressed peoples commander Baran Farqîn added: “Breaking this isolation and to free our Leader and bring him together with our people, our land and friends. it is the guerrilla's task and ultimate goal. If our friends can carry out such a resistance in prisons, we can state that we are also closer to victory. We, as HPG guerrillas, will continue our actions for the freedom of our Leader."


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